From now through October 31st, if someone buys a new Model S through Nick’s link, they will get $1,000 off a new Tesla Model S. Nick, the CEO of Janus Networks, will give you an additional $1,000 if the Janus Networks group makes it to the top ten of Tesla referrers (Applies only to the first ten purchasers). (Nick will also get $1,000 of credit towards purchases, services, or accessories with every car purchased from his link.)

Tesla is offering some extra rewards for the top referrers. If five people order the Model S, Nick and a friend will get a tour of the Gigafactory in Nevada.

The Model S gets 230-270 miles on a single charge, and is one of the greenest – and most stylish – cars out there.

Give it a shot with $1,000 off.

By Sharon Campbell