By Yara Omar, Janus Networks

Photoshop Express is an online service that was launched earlier by Adobe at for online photo editing/storage. The editing service is an online version of some of the cool editing features available at Adobe Photoshop or Elements and provides a better-than-average experience to regular users who might find Elements a bit hard. 

Last month, Adobe has added some updates to its service. One of the updates is the ability to get the photos printed through “shutterfly”. Before, the user had to send the photos to one of the partner servers to get them printed. Now, printing is easy just with a single click.

Even though each account has a capacity of 2GB, Photoshop Express has recently provided a very useful resizing tool with predefined presets for shrinking photos mainly for blogs and social networking web sites. Users could upload their photos before through a very easy web interface, but now they could also use “Adobe AIR Uploader” which is a desktop utility for uploading photos by simple drag-and-drop procedures.

Another new feature is adding music tracks to slideshows which adds some life to them. Photoshop Express has a very good list of partners, including Facebook, Photobucket, Picasa and recently Flickr was added to the list. It’s highly expected that more features and enhancements will be added along with premium accounts and more partnerships.

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