by Mielle Sullivan, Janus Networks


Documents To Go–A full-featured mobile document tool. Access and edit common office documents. Available for Blackberry, iPhone, Windows Mobile, Android and Palm Pre.

MS Office for Mobile–Another full-featured mobile option for Windows Mobile Users.

Google Mobile App–View documents and view and edit spreadsheets. Available for Android and iPhone.

Mobile Office

Logmein–A great way to access your computer remotely. Also enables collaborative troubleshooting with IT for when the need arrives. Requires a Logmein account and logmeinsoftware on the desktop device. Available for Blackberry, iPhone, Windows Mobile and iPhone.

RemoteDroid–Access your desktop via Android phones.

VNC+–Virtual Network Computing for Blackberry

Mocha VNC–Virtual Network Computing for Windows Mobile devices


FuzeMeeting–A favorite for iPhone and Blackberry users with an intuitive interface and full presenter controls.

Voicemails and Emails

Youmail Visual Voicemail Plus–A Blackberry App that allows you to view your voicemails like your email inbox. With a subscription to their CallWave service, your voicemails are transcribed so you can read them.

Google Voice App–With a Google Voice account you can view transcriptions of your voicemails from your Blackberry or Android phone, though sometimes the transcriptions aren’t perfect.

MyCaption–A great Blackberry app/service for email dictation.

Note Taking

Evernote–very handy note taking app that syncs with a cloud application and will help you remember anything. Includes OCR. Available for Blackberry, iPhone, Windows Mobile and Palm Pre.

AK Notepad–An Android app that lets you take notes and set reminders based on them from your phone. Share notes via text or email. Stick notes to your home screen and desktop.


Salesforce Mobile Lite–View leads, contacts, accounts, opportunities, cases and solutions, and edit tasks and events in Most people seem to prefer this to the regular app. Available only on iPhone and Blackberry.

To Do Lists

RememberTheMilk– a cloud based system that you can integrate with twitter, email, instant messenger and netvibes. Has social and sharing functions. Great for personal and business use. Available for Blackberry, iPhone and Windows Mobile

Todledoo–an iPhone app that syncs with a cloud based system.

Things–an iPhone app based on David Allen’s popular Getting Things Done system, sync with Macs for a very smooth experience for Mac users.

Outlook Mobile App–If you are an Outlook and Windows Mobile users, this app provides easy syncing.

Travel Assistant

Worldmate–Great features have made this the #1 mobile travel service. View local and world time and weather, your travel itinerary, and a currency converter. The premium version adds on a travel directory, flight schedules, and real-time flight updates. Available for nearly every smartphone.

Expense Reports

iXpenseIt–Highly functional iPhone app that allows multiple views for expenses:summaries, bar charts and graphs.
ExpenseManager-Easy to use Blackberry app with easy CSV and Excell exporting.
Hello Expense–Easy to use Android app with easy CSV and Excell exporting.
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