Last week, both Microsoft and Apple rolled out new hardware and software that could reshape the way we use their products. Two hardware announcements stood out to experts:

Microsoft Surface Studio

The company’s first all-in-one PC, Surface Studio features a 28-inch screen and what Microsoft says is the thinnest screen in the world. It features a touch screen and folds almost flat to provide a drafting table-like surface for detailed stylus work. The PC has 16 hours of battery life and is being lauded as remarkably light for its size.

Microsoft also introduced the Surface Dial, which, when placed on the Studio’s screen, can be used as a dial to control different functions, like volume.

MacBook Pro’s New Touch Bar

The thinnest and lightest MacBook Pro ever, this iteration also boasts a completely new hardware feature: Touch Bar. This OLED touch strip replaces the function keys on the MacBook and adapts to whatever app you’re working in. The strip is also enabled with Touch ID fingerprint authentication to expedite purchases made with Apple Pay.

In Conclusion

Microsoft will also roll out a new version of Windows 10, and the MacBook Pro features a brighter display and stronger processor. The back-to-back announcements have tech experts comparing the two companies (with Microsoft coming out stronger for the most part), but talk to your IT professional about what solutions are best for your business.

By Prasana William