Browser extensions are computer programs designed to extend the functionality of your browser. They can help protect your privacy, streamline your search process, and make it easier to view and interact with the Web. Extensions are unique to each browser, but here are four to know for a safer, more customized online experience:

1. Save to Google Drive (Chrome): This new extension allows you to save anything you find online straight to your Drive. Simply right click and select “Save to Google Drive.”

2. Abine’s Do Not Track Me (Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera, Safari): Blocks third parties that track your activity via cookies, like ad sites and Facebook.

3. Terms of Service, Didn’t Read (available across browsers): Reads website terms of service, rates how user-friendly it is, and summarizes important points.

4. HTTPS Everywhere (Chrome, Firefox, Opera): Automatically redirects you to the HTTPS-encrypted versions of websites when available.


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Source: Flickr/lisamac

By Prasana William