To celebrate a full decade of Liking, Friending, and Facebooking, Facebook unveiled its latest app earlier this month: Paper. Facebook’s Paper is a newsreader. Human editors aggregate the latest and most important news from around the web, then sort it into topic-themed sections. The new app has implications for businesses both internally and externally.

Internally: Industry Research Tool

TIME noted Paper draws in content only from well-known media outlets, established industry experts, and up-and-coming voices. It’s like having your very own in-the-know headhunter on staff.

Externally: Impediment to Social Media Marketing

As you usual, your media hits matter; even more so now since Paper allows readers to bypass social feeds, and the app is ad-free. With many tech experts saying Paper could surpass the Facebook app itself in popularity, the only way your business will get on a Paper user’s radar is through media mentions and good ol’ fashioned status updates.

By Prasana William