Earlier this month, CES 2017 was the place to debut tomorrow’s game changing technology. The annual consumer electronics trade show features exhibitors around the world showcasing the latest in mobile, enterprise, home, automotive, and more. Here’s a look at a few concepts that may impact your everyday business operations in the future:


  • Razer’s Three-Screen Laptop: This laptop features screens, two of which fold in for easy portability. Though built for gaming, this style may be useful for staff who use multiple screens to manage databases, images, or spreadsheets.
  • Intel’s Compute Card: The size of a few stacked business cards, this tiny computer features Intel’s latest processor, memory, storage capability, Wi-Fi radio, and a motherboard. It is used by plugging into a monitor and working just as a docked laptop would.
  • AI in Cars: A number of automotive companies displayed the many ways artificial intelligence is already being integrated into their vehicles. Chip maker Nvidia will be working with both Audi and Mercedes to put smart, and possibly autonomous, cars on the road this year. Microsoft’s AI assistant, Cortana, will be able to provide a variety of digital services in new BMWs. And, not to be outdone, Amazon will be working with Ford to bring its Alexa to vehicles this year. Working on the road is about to get a lot easier.