Chromecast For Business

Since Google introduced Chromecast this past summer, the myriad personal entertainment services of the HD streaming device have won raves. The device works by streaming online content to an HD TV over a WiFi signal. With mirroring capability rumored to be added in the near future, at least in the next Android OS, Chromecast’s relevance is bound to extend into the world of business operations.

In its current iteration, however, you can still use the easy-to-manage dongle to streamline your workflow. Chromecast is a HDMI-device, hardly larger than your average thumb drive, that plugs directly into your HDTV to relay online services from a phone, tablet, or computer directly to the screen. Similar to Apple TV and Roku in basic function, Chromecast currently operates through apps including Netflix, HuluPlus, and Chrome.

Chromecast eliminates the need to use laptop projectors during presentations. Simply access your materials from the cloud through the Chrome browser on your mobile device or laptop, and send it to the screen through Chromecast. The device is designed to function from the cloud so your phone, tablet, or laptop is free to be used for other activities (like checking your notes or monitoring email) without interrupting what’s happening on the screen.

Chromecast can also be used as easily for video conferencing by allowing Google Hangouts, Skype, and other web-based services to be broadcast to the TV.

By Prasana William

Image Source: @iannnnn on Flickr