Cloud Networking Services

Offers customers access to their data no matter where they are. Everyone needs data protection – Each year 43% of computer users lose data and over 300,000 laptops are stolen. Hard drives crash, natural disasters happen, and sometimes people just delete files by accident. Today there is more data than ever before that needs protection.

Offsite backup is key – Backing up to a remote data center eliminates the risk of local disk failure, accidents, or simple neglect. Avoid the frustration of manual archiving and get the benefits of easy data restoration with the assurance that vital data has been automatically protected and will survive a theft, fire, or other natural disasters (flood, earthquakes).

Key Benefits

  • Don’t worry about hardware failure, laptop stolen, power surge, natural disaster, fire, theft, accidental deleted files.
  • Offsite protects against theft or physical loss.
  • Effortless – works in background automatically and continuously Inexpensive – a fixed monthly fee.
  • Always available – files ready when you are even when the computer is turned off.
  • No downloading – view optimized files online with internet browser from any PC with an internet connection.
  • Increase productivity and response time – you can get things done fast, even on a mobile phone.
  • Print, Fax, or Forward any document remotely.
  • Share Files with a simple web link.
  • Track comments and changes from project team.
  • Version control – never lose changes.
  • Project folders provide a common workspace for files from different people and different computers.
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Janus Networks has an excellent ability to provide cost effective solutions , By providing a HyperV solution to our remote access servers, Janus Networks was able to reduce our overall server costs and hosting. Colleagues and customers alike benefit from Janus Network’s expertise and their professionalism…

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