Ergonomics is the applied science of designing objects to be used by humans in the safest and most effective manner. This includes minimizing damage from everyday actions such as sitting or writing. The Mayo Clinic and OSHA offer suggestions for improving your workstation:

Chair: Sit with your shoulders relaxed and elbows supported. Adjust the height so your feet rest flat on the ground. Choose a model that supports your lower back or add an ergonomic seat back.

Desk: Make sure there’s enough space for your legs to rest comfortably beneath the desk. It should be wide enough to keep the computer monitor about 20” from your face.

Monitor: The top of your monitor should be slightly below eye level. Eliminate as much glare as possible.

Keyboard and Mouse: Use a wrist rest to support your wrists in between typing. Keep your mouse in close proximity to avoid stretching.

By Prasana William