Today on the Janus Networks blog we’ll showcase Mr. Nye’s new tech toy: Google Glass!

Here’s a picture of the Golden Gate Bridge in our hometown, taken with Glass:


And here is Mr. Nye himself with the futuristic eyewear:


What’s so important about Glass?

First of all, it’s cool. Right now it’s definitely an early-adopter gadget for bleeding-edge geeks. Your app for Glass¬†might not get many viewers, but they’ll be some of the highest-profile and richest nerds in the world.

Second, remember when smartphones were the bleeding edge, and now they’re everywhere? Wearables are the next smartphones. According to projections from VentureBeat, the most popular tech wearables – including Glass, smartwatches, and fitness trackers – will be selling 64 million units by 2017. That’s something to keep on your radar.

OK Glass, take a picture.

By Sharon Campbell