Apple has unveiled a beta version of the latest update to its operating system with a whole new set of bells and whistles.

The company broke from its habit—usually Apple waits for the full annual upgrades to roll out major new features, but this incremental update includes a number of important elements. This development has some experts hoping for a shift in behavior from Apple that would result in meaningful upgrades throughout the year.

Here are a few of the standout features of iOS 9.3:

  • Night Shift: In an earlier post, we talked about the negative impact the blue light from phones has on mental health. Apple has swept in with a solution that will allow you to read your phone late into the night without risk of disturbing your circadian rhythm. Night Shift automatically shifts the light and colors on the iPhone to a warmer setting at a certain hour of the evening and back in the morning, reducing the damaging brightness.
  • Protected Notes: You can now add a password or TouchID requirement to your Notes, keeping confidential items like medical info, web logins, and more, secret. You can also sort by date created, date modified, and alphabetical order.
  • Health Apps Slider: Third-party health-related apps can now be accessed and toggled with a slider menu, making it easier to keep all your health info in one place.
  • Car Play Update: Car Play now features For You and New personalization options from Apple Music right on the screen.

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By Prasana William