Recently over here at Janus Networks, we decided to add the new Prius Plug-in to our vehicle fleet. As an IT company we log a lot of miles – setting up new computing systems for clients, checking on our data centers, and performing maintenance, so it makes sense for us to be as cost-effective as possible with our miles per gallon. Toyota has great lease rates for corporations.

Take a look:

A Janus Networks Prius Plug-in

A Janus Networks Prius Plug-in

The Plug-in is really a no-brainer for us: we save money on gas, we reduce pollution (customers of the future will thank us!), and we promote our company image. This beauty does 95 MPGe on a full charge!

If your company makes frequent car trips – for deliveries, house calls, or meetings – consider the benefits of using the highest MPG vehicle on the market.

The Plug-in is currently available in 15 states (see and will be available nationwide in 2013. Maybe it’s time to replace those gas-guzzlers?

by Sharon Campbell