With Google Fiber creating the infrastructure for ultra high-speed gigabit Internet (currently we’re at megabit Internet) in the coming years and cable companies scrambling to catch up, the Internet speed game is poised for a new race. DOCSIS 3.0, the highest speed cable Internet available in the United States, has rolled out to almost the entire nation in the past few years, but have your modem and router kept pace?

Now is the perfect time to get into the habit of upgrading your Internet infrastructure regularly. First, educate yourself on the current Internet speed available in your area (likely DOCSIS 3.0) and any coming advances. Then, ensure your modem is built to function at that speed. Lastly, ensure your router is as advanced as your modem so there are no bottlenecks. Picking up the habit now will help you keep up as the Internet picks up the pace.

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By Prasana William