By Yara Omar, Janus Networks


Live Mesh is Microsoft’s new all-in-one solution to connect multiple together in a new easy way. Live Mesh makes synchronizing your files across multiple devices an easy task. It also gives you means to access files or even programs from anywhere.


Once you install Live Mesh on each device you want on the network, you add all the information you need in a mesh folder which is accessible to all the devices on the network. This gives you the chance to share files with your family or collaborate with your colleagues. The interesting thing is that you can access programs on any device on the mesh. You can also keep track of all the changes made on any device on the mesh. Live Desktop, a feature in Live Mesh, gives you 5GB of free online storage on Microsoft servers, which is accessible from almost all of the web browsers available around.

Live Mesh also includes remote desktop capabilities. The mesh uses high security measures and is password protected through your Windows Live ID. You can learn more about Microsoft Live Mesh through



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