Even though we’re right in the middle of cold and flu season, there’s still time to make changes to your workplace to help prevent sickness from spreading.

Here are five ways to use digital resources to fight the age-old cold:

1. Try virtual meetings instead of crowding a group of potentially germy colleagues in a conference room. Consider using your digital teleconferencing service even for in-house meetings.

2. Clean and disinfect all keyboards, mice, and shared hardware.

3. Allow remote work and educate staff on the symptoms of the flu. Some staff have trouble allowing themselves to take a sick day — giving those folks the work-from-home option at least keeps them out of the office.

4. Use air purifiers to clean impurities and bacteria from common spaces.

5. Invest in automation for doors, faucets, coffee makers, and any shared tools you can think of.

By Prasana William