Janus Networks has vast experience in developing the ideal infrastructure in the banking, financial, digital printing, pharmaceuticals, and insurance sectors.

We strive towards delivering personalized implementation processes to all areas of the financial services industry. By taking the time to listen to a clients needs and concerns we are able to consistently deliver projects on time and within the designated budget.

What does an Information Technology Department do?

As a central point for dealing with computers, data, and data communications, the Information Technology Department (I.T.) serves as a source of information about the technologies available and provides the resources for acquiring, maintaining, and operating those technologies. I.T.

Serves to integrate technology with the business plans and objectives of the whole enterprise. To carry out this mission, I.T. has the following tasks:

  Determine the specifications for new equipment and software.
  Work with suppliers to provide the most cost effective acquisition of technical components.
  Install, test, and deploy new components within the company’s computer/data processing environment.
  Troubleshoot and repair technical malfunctions.
  Provide systems and services for the entire company.
  Strategic planning.
  Agent Deployment for Monitoring and System Updates.

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Janus Networks’ great reputation as an experienced and superbly qualified IT professional precedes them. I was exceptionally pleased to have the chance to work with Janus Networks. Janus Networks has continued to reaffirm their reputation as the “go to” firm for our network and infrastructure needs, as we have engaged them numerous times over the past four years. Their technical expertise, sound judgment, and work ethic are absolutely top shelf. I look forward to working with them again in the future. I would recommend Janus Networks to anyone looking for a reliable and knowledgeable IT firm.

CTO, Current Customer

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