by Mielle Sullivan, Janus Networks

In the race of products that helps you backup and sync files, Memeo offers easy solutions taylored to small and medium businesses.

Memeo Backup Professional

Memeo has other backup products: Backup Instant for basic consumers and Backup Premium that seems taylored to contractors or other individual professionals. But where Memeo really shines is in how the Backup Professional can aid IT professionals who oversee the computers and data of multiple people. The Memeo management console allows IT administrators to give out product keys to employees and subsequently see who has installed backup software, monitor backup status and see what kinds of files employees are backing up–without actually seeing the files or data itself.

Basically this allows IT professionals to give employees intuative backup software that they can install and set in minutes, encourage them to use it and troubleshoot any issues without having access to any sensitive data.

Other benefits include:

• No aditional hardware or infrastructure is needed. If you have computers and a network, you can use Memeo Backup Professional
• Phone support for IT professionals
• The ability to distribute product keys and monitor backups to remote employees in any location, not just in the office.
• Backups to multiple destinations simultaneously: external hard drives, NAS, other computers, FTP and FTPS servers, online storage and pretty much anything else you can think of.
• Easy, comprehensive disaster recovery. Need to recover a deleted file? No problem. Simply right click the Back in Time feature and scroll through deleted files by their date. Select the file needed and it is automatically returned to its original location.


This program works similarly to other syncing software: set folders and files to sync, when changes are made they are detected and synced up to selected devices. The difference is that this program seems especially designed for companies with workers who are on the go a lot. USB drives and other external storage are not always connected and may not be for some time. But they still need to have the most current versions of the files when they are used again. Memeo’s LifeAgent™ technology tracks changes and automatically syncs them when the devices are reattached to your computer. You used this drive the last time you went on the road to give a presentation. But has it been updated since then? Don’t worry about it. Plug it in and Autosync will make sure you have the most current version.

Memeo Send

This is a service that allows you to send files of any size to as many people as you want, without fear that the email will bounce back or having to deal with FTP. It works somewhat similarly to YouSendIt and other services, but uses an proprietary method that divides files into easy to manage portions. Recipients can begin downloading files even as they are still being uploaded.

Recipients do not need to have a Memeo account to begin downloading files through a web browser.

How does it stack up?

Overall I would say that Memeo offers versatile solutions. Backup Professional and AutoSync in particular allow for very easy data management tools without the use of a server or cloud storage (Memeo does offer cloud storage if you want it), If you want an easy-to-use, auto-backup and syncing service for any file type, without the cloud this a good way to go.

However if you are looking for a collaboration solution, I am not sure this is the best way to go. Files are synced as they are updated, but you can’t view the files live through a web interface or watch others make changes the way you can with Google Docs or other collaboration tools. Memeo just isn’t designed to aid collaboration.

Also, the professional side of Memeo is really designed for Windows users. You can’t get the pro features on Mac yet.

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