By Yara Omar, Janus Networks

Last month, Mozilla has released the final version of its famous web browser Firefox 3.0. Mozilla has included some new features that are really worth trying. Firefox 3.0 comes with smaller memory footprint, faster page loading and improved overall performance which makes web browsing run smoother than ever.

In addition to the usual History and Bookmarks functionalities, the new version allows you to tag websites with words that are meaningful to you. Once you got your websites tagged, a new location bar is out there for you. You can type the tags in it and it will filter your websites for you. The new bar adapts to your preferences and learns with time. You can even use it to reach websites you vaguely remember.

Firefox 3.0 also comes with a new zoom feature that allows you to scale up entire web pages and an integrated search bar that lets you access hundreds of search engines with search suggestions as well. Firefox also offers a very useful capability (it’s been there in Firefox 2.0) which is “Restore Session”. If the browser was closed unexpectedly, you will be able to restore the last session and resume your work as if nothing happened.

Firefox is known to have over 5000 add-ons that let you add endless functionalities and personalize your browser to best fit your needs more than ever.

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