By Yara Omar, Janus Networks
Whether you are a businessperson, a student or a journalist, livescribe is one of the best ways to digitally take notes. The Pulse Smartpen uses custom paper with many microdots and a camera attached to the pen to capture all pen strokes. The pen then records sound and connects the resulting audio to captured images. You can then tap the pen on any word you wrote and the pen will replay the audio stating from the precise moment that word was written at. This will let you accurately restore the information you heard on a lecture, a business conference or any major event you were taking notes at. The pen comes with various audio-sensitivity options to obtain real high-quality sound.
you can get livescribe for $149 (1GB) or for $199 (2GB) from . 1 GB of memory can hold over 100 hours of sound, depending on the quality. Each pen is shipped with a 100-page notebook. You can then buy packs of notebooks, each contains four notebooks and costs $19.95. Each notebook page has printed playback controls which allow you to play any of the recorded sounds. The package also includes an interactive controls sheet containing a calculator, bookmarks, paper replay, volume controls and playback speeds. There is a smart desktop application to let you  move all of your notes and sounds to you desktop or laptop via USB.
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