HTTP, the language used to load web pages to your browser, is experiencing its first major upgrade in 16 years to keep up with today’s data-rich web experience. The upgrade, known as HTTP/2, is expected to speed load time and provides higher-performance encryption for a more secure web. Among its features, HTTP/2 can send multiple HTTP requests at once. When you type a URL into a browser, a message for every file needed for the web page is sent to the server via HTTP. In the current system, this means multiple time-consuming messages, but HTTP/2 cuts down on the number of messages sent by using the information your browser already has cached and prioritizing the order it loads elements on the page. Most major browser companies are converting to HTTP/2 and you can expect to see changes in load time as more web sites optimize for the new protocol into next year. Talk to your IT professional about the right time to upgrade your site.