Palm Pre


* $200 after $100 rebate when you sign up for Sprint or renew your contract

Battery Life

* 5 hours of use time
*Removable, rechargeable battery

Calendar Syncing

* WebOS’s Synergy system syncs up with Outlook, Google and Facebook at no extra charge
* Integrated personal and work calendar

Fun/Helpful Features

* 3 Mega pixel camera with LED flash
* Video recorder
* Remote Data wipe if phone is lost
* Watch live television of select programs from Sprint TV



*16 GB model for $200, or 32 GB model for $300 when you sign up or renew your At&t contract

Battery Life

* 5 hours of 3G talk time
* 6 additional iPod listening hours
* 3 additional Wi-fi, video watching hours
* Unremoveable, rechargeable battery

Caledar Syncing

* Syncing with Outlook, Google and Yahoo is available along with a MobileMe account for $99 per year

Fun/Helpful Features

* 3 Mega pixel camera with autofocus, auto-macro and enhanced low-light performance
* Video recorder and limited video editing
* Lost phone-finder calls can be placed through MobileMe
* Remote data wipe if phone is lost

Conclusion: For most basic smartphone features, the Palm Pre and the iPhone are about the same. AT&T and Apple seem to charge a bit more for services and extras associated with the phone like MobileMe, though the iPhone does have more options in extras and fun features.

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