Identity theft is rough to live through. So, make sure that your staff never falls prey to their data getting stolen from the company books.

They’ll also appreciate you treating them with compassion and support should they experience identity theft at home. Many of the calls needed to resolve an identity theft issue must be made during business hours, and as your staff’s employer you may be called to re-verify details. The sooner the employee can put the experience behind them, the better.

Better than responding to an identity theft event, though, is prevention. Businesses collect a lot of personal data about employees, making them prime targets.

  • The most important step is to make sure all sensitive data is encrypted with SSL or TLS (https:// websites are encrypted this way)
  • Only keep employees’ data as long as you need it
  • Train your staff in dealing with common security issues, such as receiving an email that claims to be from an employee but comes from the wrong email address

Retaining your staff means a lot for your bottom line, and avoiding an identity theft experience can help them keep trusting your business’s competence and care.

By Sharon Campbell