If you’re one of the 50 percent of U.S. Galaxy Note 7 owners who still have their original phones, it’s time to take advantage of Samsung’s recall replacement offer.

A flaw with the battery has caused the Note 7 to explode, catch fire, and leak chemicals. The phone has now been recalled in the U.S., meaning it cannot be sold. Many airlines have banned use of the phone on flights, even in non-transmittal mode.

Samsung shipped 500,000 replacement phones to the States with batteries from a different supplier than the original batch. Though users in South Korea have had issues with overheating and power loss while charging the new phones, it’s still worth it to replace your recalled phone with this safer option.

Burned on the Note 7? Samsung is also offering a refund to customers looking to transition away from the phone. (Follow this link for your exchange or refund.)

By Prasana William