By Yara Omar, Janus Networks

Whether you’re starting your business or upgrading your work environment, you are probably thinking about which tools and technology solutions you should consider for optimizing your workflow. Microsoft Small Business Server 2003 (SBS 2003) is one of those all-in-one packs that really helps business managers get the things that they need: a powerful collaborative work environment and improved productivity.

SBS provides a collection of essential services, such as file and printer sharing, shared calendaring and shared internet access. The pack also includes an internal company website (intranet) and a large email database (75 GB) which enables better communication with the outside world. SBS also provides a messaging system that enables email access from mobile phones and a remote desktop service as well.

SBS has an enhanced security system and a robust firewall that protects all PCs on your network from any potential threats. And, of course, the server supports backups of company information and important data.

SBS 2003 comes in two editions: Standard Edition ($600) and Premium Edition ($1300). The Premium Edition has Microsoft SQL server (for data management and reporting) and Microsoft Office FrontPage (for website development). Either edition provides the means to manage in the easiest and most flexible ways. SBS gets it power from the fact that many people are already familiar with Microsoft products. This will save you from additional training costs for employees.

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By Yara Omar, Janus Networks