Do yourself a favor that will make Future You extremely grateful: create a system restore point for your Windows 10 desktop.


  1. Search for “restore point” in the Start menu
  2. Open the “Create a restore point” option
  3. Select your (C:) (System) drive
  4. Click “Configure”
  5. Select “Turn on system protection”
  6. Click “OK”
  7. Click “Create”

Wait for a few minutes while your restore point is created. You can use your computer normally while it’s running.

Now, if you ever get a virus, get stuck in a reboot loop, or otherwise lose control of your system, you can go back to this point in time. Just open the “Create a restore point” tool again, click the “System Restore…” button, and follow the wizard.

Make another restore point every few weeks or as often as you’d like to have a fresh backup point.

By Sharon Campbell