If your laptop goes kaput on the day of the big presentation, your hard drive fills up while you’re transferring files, or you spill your coffee on your mouse, are you prepared to weather the rest of your day?

Keeping tech supplies as well stocked as paper clips and printer paper can help save productivity when disaster strikes. Here are a few lifesavers you should consider stocking up on:

  1. Laptops and tablets: At minimum, if an employee with a downed computer can access e-mail and the Microsoft Office Suite, she can most likely get work done. Stocking up on a few spare laptops avoids idle time and asking the employee to use their personal device (which can open you up to liability). Even a tablet can provide the basic functions necessary to keep business going—especially if you’re on a cloud storage system already.
  2. USB Drives: So basic, so necessary. These should be as easy to access as staples.
  3. Portable cell phone chargers and battery packs: If you require any staff to use a company cell phone, these should come with it.
  4. Mice and keyboards: Because a spilled coffee shouldn’t ruin a whole day of work.
  5. Webcams: If your staff uses docking stations, this is a must for those who use video conferencing.
  6. Desktop phones: An employee shouldn’t be required to use a personal cell phone in the event a desktop work phone bites the dust, unless you’re willing to reimburse their expenses.
  7. Dongles: Those pesky little guys that connect your laptop to the projector can kill a presentation in a second if missing.
  8. Power converters: If your staff travels internationally, pack some with them.
  9. A small digital camera: Again, this is to help minimize your staff having to use their personal devices. Some might need a refresher on how to use these, but a digital camera can let employees take pictures at work events for promotional purposes.
  10. Coffee machine: Seriously. You might not want to see who can’t handle life without this device.

By Prasana William