By Yara Omar, Janus Networks

Calling over the internet is becoming more popular everyday; thats because its cheap, easy and provides almost all of the features regular telephony offers. Vonage is a VOIP service provider for home and business users with six different plans made to suit everybody’s needs.

Vonage’s Small Business Basic plan costs $39.99 a month for unlimited number of incoming minutes, 1500 outgoing minutes a month to the US and Canada and 3.9 cents per each additional minute. The Business Premium plan costs $49.99, offering an unlimited number of incoming and outgoing minutes to the US, Canada and five selected European countries.

Both plans offer a free dedicated fax line and competitive international rates. Both also offer 25 calling features like Call Waiting, Call Forwarding, 3-way Calling, Call Return, Voicemail and Caller ID. Vonage has a Network Unavailable Forwarding feature that automatically forwards incoming calls to your regular telephone in case your line or power goes down.

The service requires a high-speed internet connection. Vonage gives you a free telephone adapter that plugs in directly to the DSL modem or computer and a software tool that converts your computer to a phone. You can switch to Vonage and keep your phone number with no trouble at all. Sign up for free at

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