With rumors of Apple’s iWatch going into production and Amazon setting up a storefront for these types of devices, wearable technology is quickly becoming mainstream. Outside of communications (think Samsung’s Galaxy Gear watch and Google Glass), tech you can accessorize is impacting daily fitness, medicine, and entertainment. Monitoring heart rate, counting steps, and recording calories are natural activities for a wearable device. Brands like Jawbone have added sleek design to the package. Wearable tech is set to hit the medical world too, with devices in beta to test blood sugar levels and detect seizures.

Surprisingly, one place you might find wearable tech this summer is at the amusement park. Disney has adopted MyMagic+, a wristband that tracks admission, reservations, and park activity. Water parks are increasingly using smart wristbands to eliminate the need for cash. Simply top up your band online and forget about soggy twenties in your swimsuit pocket.


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Source: Flickr

By Prasana William