Online House Call

With a new Uber-like service in the works, your next doctor’s appointment might just take place on your own couch. According to ValleyWag, Oscar Salazar, an original member of the Uber team, is set to launch an on-demand healthcare service that would bring doctors to the doors of patients.

After summoning a doctor much as you would an Uber towncar via app, the doctor arrives at your location to diagnose and recommend further treatment. Think of it as Web MD in the flesh – answers for your medical questions when you want it, where you want it.

ValleyWag’s source says Salazar has at last 40 doctors lined up for the service and plans to launch the New York-based company in the near future. The service will likely be called “Housecall” or “Doctor Housecall.” This development could likely cut down on the number of unnecessary trips to the emergency room or even save lives.

By Prasana William

Image Source: American EHR