If information infrastructure forms a critical part of your business — whether that’s your website, email servers, a shopping cart application, databases of customer information, or something more complex — you’ll want a real live human being on call at all times to make sure it stays up, available, and ready for use.

Where does your on-call IT superhero work? A network operations center, or NOC, is the monitoring station they call home (or since this is a professional setting, the office).

To maintain round-the-clock monitoring of your technical infrastructure, you’ll want your NOC technicians on call 24/7. You could consider hiring an afternoon and graveyard shift locally, or you can take advantage of time zones.

India, for example, supports a thriving IT industry, and is a convenient 10-14 hours ahead of most US locations. That means your Indian employees can be fresh, working normal hours, and enjoying the sunshine as they monitor your tech assets during US off hours.

When you’re thinking about uptime for your business, consider global hires.

By Sharon Campbell