Holiday Checklist

Looking for a little technological magic to put under the tree, or on your own wish list? Check out these three high-tech gadgets:

Brain-Wave Cat Ears for Kids and Everyone Playful:

These electronic cat ears by necomomimi wiggle, droop, and perk up according to your mood! Wear the ears as a headband and share your mental state with those around you. The ears work by reading the electronic impulses your neurons make when they fire, and then translating them into movements. This present is purr-fect for someone with a playful personality and a penchant for dress-up, whether a kid or an adult.

Steam OS and the Steam Box for Gamers:

Gaming has long been a choice between the PC and the living room. Steam, the highly-successful game developer and distributor, is trying to change that. They’ve developed their own operating system, Steam OS with the goal of being able to natively support both PC- and console-style gaming. They’ve released a limited number of Steam Boxes for beta testing. Many more consoles running Steam OS will be available next year. While there isn’t something to buy quite yet, Steam OS is already available for download for enthusiasts. In the meantime, you can buy your gamer another title for his or her game library!

Google Glass for the Next Generation of Computing:

Google Glass puts your computer right in front of your eyes, as an overlay on the real world. While the platform is still in its early stages, it could be poised to take over at-your-fingertips computing from smartphones in the next few years. Glass is currently invitation-only, so if you manage to score one, you’ll be at the cutting edge of new technology.

By Sharon Campbell

Image Source: tedeytan on Flickr