By Yara Omar, Janus Networks

Chrome is the new web browser released by Google this September. Chrome comes with a very good set of features that makes it compete well with any of todays famous browsers.

First of all, Chrome can import your favorites and settings from any of the web browsers you were using before, so you don’t have to worry about switching to it. The most interesting features in Chrome are related to tabs. Chrome deals with each tab independently, so when a tab crashes you can end its process without affecting the other opened tabs. You can drag tabs out to be in separate windows and of course you can rearrange them anyway you want. When you open a new tab, you’ll see thumbnail previews of your most visited sites, your most used search engines and your recently bookmarked pages and closed tabs; all in one page so you can select any of them to start with.

Chrome also offers a new feature called “Incognito mode”. You can open a new window in this mode and all of the websites you’re visiting will not be recorded in the history. Chrome also offers safe browsing by warning you whenever you visit an unsafe site.

The new browser has a simple interface. Your downloads won’t start in separate windows. The download status will show up at the bottom of the current window. You can bookmark pages in one click with no extra dialog boxes showing up which makes it very easy to keep your bookmarks. The beta version of Chrome is available for download at


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