Solidly into Q3, and with the new year approaching in just two months, now is a good time to reassess your business’s technology needs. Planning now will give you enough of a head start to take action in 2016.

Ask yourself the following five questions as you build your IT budget for the coming year:

1. When did I last update my technology strategy? If it’s been more than three years, it’s time to start over. Technology moves fast—don’t get left behind.

2. What are the five main ways my business uses technology?

3. Does our current equipment allow our staff to do their jobs in a timely manner?

4. List five ways you would like to see your business run more efficiently.

5. List five areas you’d like to see your business grow.

Discuss these answers with your IT professional. They can help you solve any technology gaps you’ve identified, balance your budget between maintenance of old systems and judicious purchase of new equipment, and find the tools to shape the future of your business.

By Prasana William