Today Apple announced new products and services, which will impact life at work and home. Crossing both areas is the Apple Watch. With a release date of April 24, and price starting at $349, Apple Watch allows you to make calls, check email, and eventually access many iPhone apps. It incorporates haptic feedback for physical notification cues.

The company also unveiled the new MacBook. At just 13.1 millimeters and 2 pounds, the laptop comes in three colors and boasts a pressure-sensitive touchpad, the company’s thinnest Retina display, and a Core M processor that runs on 5 watts, allowing for 35% more battery life.

Not to be outdone by new hardware, Apple ResearchKit was also announced as a tool for the medical research community to collect data. Users opt into medical research studies and confidentially share information through tests for Parkinson’s, diabetes, and more.

By Prasana William