With the announcement of the latest generation of iPhone looming this Tuesday, September 10, the world is abuzz with rumors about not one, but two new phones joining the Apple family. Here’s what you might expect from the iPhone 5S and the cheaper iPhone5C.

iPhone 5S

The Look: With the iPhone 6 rumored to boast a longer screen (and a mid-2014 release date), expect only a slight increase to the iPhone 5’s approximately 4”x 2” body. Gold and graphite color schemes satisfy the demand for a new look and feel.

The Specs: That slight increase in body size may mean a bigger battery and stronger processor are on board — meaning longer battery life and a greater ability to handle graphics and animations. Apple is reportedly testing a 64-bit processor that will lead to a 31% increase in speed, but whether it will premiere with the latest crop of iPhones or a new generation of iPad is still up for debate. Fingerprint identification and an incrementally improved camera are also rumored to pop up on the 5S.

The Cost: This is your standard mid-cycle S upgrade from Apple, so expect the usual increase in price. Some carriers have slashed the price of the 5, potentially implying that the 5 could be discontinued completely in the wake of the 5S.

iPhone 5C

The Look: Colors! This budget iPhone is reported to boast a plastic back in a variety of colors that may include white, red, blue, green, and yellow.

The Specs: Think the iPhone 5 in a new plastic body. However, some rumors imply Siri might be pulled from this model.

The Cost: Apple developed the 5C to increase their presence in emerging markets where competitors already have a strong foothold with lower-cost devices. Experts estimate the 5C will cost around $400, without contract, based on current smartphone prices in target emerging markets.

Both models will run the new iOS7 operating system that features new icons, a double-tap home button for easy access, Flickr and Vimeo integration, iTunes Radio, and more. After the September 10 announcements, the phones are likely to be released in late September, if Apple follows its fall release trend of the past few years.

By Prasana William