The first holiday commercials have hit the airwaves and personal to-do lists involving turkeys and wrapping paper will soon have your staff racking up the stress. It’s easy to lose momentum during the holidays, but technology offers multiple solutions for keeping up productivity.

Time and project management programs can keep your team producing, now and in the new year. Here are a few that earn high marks from critics:

  • Evernote: Take text or image notes with this app to save for later projects. It automatically syncs with all your devices, so that to-do list can start on your phone and serve as a reminder on your work computer. The notes are easy to search and share, making it a highly recommended collaboration tool.
  • Slack: Speaking of collaboration, this project management tool is used by teams to communicate directly with one another, share files, and reduce time wasted on unnecessary emails.
  • Doodle: This online tool helps streamline the meeting planning process by making it easy to opt in and out of dates based on your schedule. It can help alleviate the headache of planning meetings with incomplete Outlook calendars.
  • SharePoint or Google Docs: If you aren’t already using a cloud-based storage system, it’s time to convert. Team members can access and edit vital documents from anywhere with internet connection—even in line at the mall. Talking to your IT professional about this solution should be at the top of your to-do list.

By Prasana William