The existence of PRISM – the NSA’s secret digital spy program – is the biggest IT news in recent history. Normally, information technology makes our lives more efficient, more convenient, and more connected – things most people consider benefits. However, these same technological advances have also enabled widespread surveillance and data collection unprecedented in history, which many would say make our lives worse.

Companies Giving Data to PRISM

Companies Giving Data to PRISM

Your first reaction might be to pull the plug completely. If you store sensitive data electronically, how can you be sure it’s safe? Even if your data isn’t particularly sensitive, you probably don’t want the government and their contractors having free reign over what was supposed to be private. Returning to the Victorian era or becoming a hermit in the Swiss Alps might be looking very attractive right about now.

However, withdrawing from digital life completely is tantamount to letting the hackers (legal or otherwise) win. The internet is still young: we will find ways to use it while plugging the current gaps. While the dust from the PRISM leak will take a while to settle, and a more permanent IT solution may be down the road, you can certainly take steps now to secure your data.

In fact, using a private IT company like Janus Networks is a great way to keep your intellectual property out of the hands of the internet giants the NSA has been dredging for data. For your most sensitive information, Janus Networks can build you a secure storage system that can only be accessed through physical prompts and that is not connected to the outside Internet. We’ve implemented this type of solution in the past, and would be happy to discuss it with you if you’re interested.

Whether you need a special high-security data storage service or not, you can also add your voice to the discussion of these issues at your next city council meeting, or with your state or national congress members.

By Sharon Campbell