by Mielle Sullivan, Janus Networks

The problems with Vista have been so widespread that they have become tired jokes. So, it is a bit of a surprise that the Windows 7 Beta has been getting such good reviews.  After having read many such reviews and reports, here are the primary hits and misses.

This latest version of Windows promises:

  • An end to excessive security pop ups by making it easy for users to choose security settings
  • To boot up faster, run faster, use less memory and power (especially great for mini PCs)
  • A UI redesigned for easier web use
  • A redesigned task-bar that features larger icons of programs–mouse over them to see all windows associated with that program
  • More intuitive window resizing–dragging a window up screen maximizes it, pulling it down restores; dragging a window to the edges re-sizes it to 50%
  • Easier home networking and wireless connecting
  • More stability
  • A new, better back-up and restore tool
  • Multi-touch touchscreen capabilities

But there are still some problems to deal with, at least in this Beta:

  • The Sleep/Hibernate mode is STILL unstable and often incapacitating
  • It doesn’t work well with Windows Azure Cloud OS tools
  • There are problems installing iTunes
  • ISO disk images don’t boot well

Overall, the biggest complaint about Windows 7 is that it’s really just what Vista should have been. Some people also dislike having to download Windows Mail and Photo Gallery from Windows Live. Others like this flexibility. If reports of highly improved stability continue after the final version is released, it will be enough for me to upgrade right away. Though I still don’t understand why they can’t fix the sleep function.

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