A world where the blinking battery sign on your mobile device doesn’t send you scrambling to dig out your spare charger may be just around the corner. Wireless charging uses inductive power transfer to replenish batteries without the need for plugs and wires. Its most recent iteration has been as charging mats where one can charge multiple phones, and increasingly tablets, by placing them on a mat that plugs into the wall.

However, devices are currently using three different inductive charging systems: Qi, A4WP, and PMA. This week the industry took one step closer to a standardized approach. In mid-February, A4WP and PMA united to ensure devices using their technologies are compatible with one another. According to experts, universal compatibility has held wireless charging technology from taking off, but with two of the major players aligning, we may be closer than ever to cutting the cord.


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Source: Flickr

By Prasana William