Earlier this year, Google Data Studio was released to provide businesses with a way to share data internally and externally. Part of Google Analytics Solutions, the beta data visualization tool is available as Data Studio 360 for large businesses and as a free version for small businesses and individuals. The tool uses your data, from Google products or elsewhere, to create compelling, custom reports.

Some highlights of Google Data Studio include:

  • The same infrastructure as Google Docs, making it easy to learn to use and collaborate
  • Integration with Google products and other data sources, including BigQuery and eventually first party data
  • Flexible ways to present data, including tables, heat maps, charts, and graphs
  • Interactive data controls that allow you to customize the design to your brand
  • Unlimited data sources, report viewing, and editing

For more about Google Data Studio, visit www.google.com/analytics/data-studio.

By Prasana William